Show Us Your Club Pride!

Triathlon clubs from around the region are starting to reveal their 2019 team kits and we thought that we would help you out by consolidating all of them on one page. Now you will know how to spot your friends and your enemies..

NOTE TO CLUBS - if you would like to have your kit added to the list just send an email to Also, if your kit is already on here and you don't like our Photoshop skills, just shoot us over a hi res logo and we will update.

Check out our current list here

2019 Calendar is Live!

We are happy to publish our 3rd annual race calendar (click here) letting you know all about the great multisport races put on around the state and the surrounding areas. We have made a few adjustments to this year's format based on the feedback we received from you. We have a lot of amazing event management companies based around Tennessee that host events in neighboring states. This year we have listed those other great races on our 2019 Race Calendar but those races will not be eligible for the end of the year Age Group Rankings. We have also listed a few of the main national and world championship dates so that some of you can plan your year accordingly.

Also new this year, races with less than 100 finishers will not be eligible for Age Group Rankings. We have marked a few of those on the Race Calendar that would have been ineligible had we had those same rules this year.

Please let us know if we have made any mistakes (we make a lot), added incorrect dates, or even left off …

2018 Age Group Rankings!

It's here! We have been carefully combing through the 10,248 race results from this year's 44 triathlons across the state of Tennessee to bring you our final 2018 Age Group Rankings. Our goal has always been to get you to race local and to race often. We have a ton of great races put on by best-in-class race organizations and you should definitely be taking advantage of that. See below on our ranking methodology.

Ranking Methodology: The only races that are eligible for Age Group Ranking points are those on the 2018 Race Calendar.Athletes must COMPLETE at least 3 races during the year.We take the AVERAGE of everyone's top 3 races for the year. This provides you with some incentive to get out and race often. For example, if you have an off day or flat tire, that result will shake out of your top 3 average if you race 4+ times.The ranking is an average of your Overall Finish as a simple example if you placed 60th out of 100 in one race, 500th out of 1,000 in another, a…

Weekend Roundup 10/2/18

This weekend athletes decended upon Chattanooga for our state's busiest weekend as far as overall athlete count goes. Officials announced on Thursday that the swim portion of the race would be cancelled due to flooding, debri, e coli, mutant catfish, and everything else that is wrong with the Tennessee river. Athletes were understandably upset but the show must go on. There was a time trial bike start with athletes heading out on the course in pairs every 5 seconds. They then faced a hot and hilly marathon. Congratulations to all of you who finished the 142.?? mile race!

Below are the results:

Weekend Roundup 9/4/18

This weekend athletes traveled over to Loudon, TN to participate in the Tomahawk Sprint triathlon put on my Endurance Sports Management. Below are the final results for the race.

There are now only 7 races left this season. Check out our RACE CALENDAR and go sign up!

Tennessee's Hottest New Club

Last month we connected with Luke Banner, the president of the new Clarksville Triathlon Club, to learn more about the club, how it was started, and why you should join them if you live in the area. Thanks for the time Luke!

TTB: Let’s start right off with telling us how the Clarksville Triathlon Club was started?

LB: I moved to Clarksville in September 2016 and quickly realized that there wasn’t a club, yet their was a cycling and running club. I made a few key friends who were active in the sport, and starting dreaming together. Eventually, through word of mouth and some strategic promotion, we were able to gather some folks together for some informal club meetings. After a few months of these meetings, we had enough momentum and vision to become an official club. So, on October 23, 2017, we adopted by-laws, elected a board, and became an official club. I serve as the President of the Club and today we are a registered USAT club offering a myriad of events and gatherings, and extremel…